April 21, 2019

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VQ Medallion Quality

Haury's is VeriFacts VQ Medallion Holder

What is VeriFacts?

VeriFacts gives us independent assessments on the repair equipment, techniques and procedures that we use every day here at Haury’s. They also assess the performance of our individual technicians and provide coaching and training for repairs that meet factory specification. This advantage is what makes us the highest-quality collision repair facility in the Puget Sound area.

What is VQ Medallion?

VQ Medallion is the highest possible rating within the VQ program, and Haury’s is the first collision repair facility in the Pacific Northwest to achieve this distinction. From the VeriFacts website:

The most important part of any collision repair is the one that will never be seen. After your vehicle is repaired, the parts specifically designed to make your care safe in a collision will be hidden. These unibody structures and safety reinforcements must be restored exactly the way the vehicle manufacturer requires when your vehicle is repaired. To repair and reassemble your vehicle to make it “crashworthy” again, technicians must measure, straighten and weld many complex engineered components of various exotic steels. How can you be sure the shop you choose actually has the advanced equipment and training required to restore your vehicle’s crashworthiness?

The VeriFacts Verified Quality program confirms that a repair facility has all the resources necessary to achieve a safe and proper repair. As a participant in the VeriFacts VQ program, the VQ shop has made a commitment to be measured and audited by VeriFacts industry experts, including:

On-site confirmation of essential information, tools and technology
On-site observation of technician repair skills, methodologies and overall quality processes
Continuing, unannounced audits and individualized skills assessment and scoring

The VeriFacts VQ program is one way that collision repair shops are different from others. That difference is vitally important to you and to anyone riding in your vehicle.


VeriFacts VQ Medallion

Haury’s Advantage

At Haury’s, you get not only the latest collision repair techniques and cutting-edge equipment, but also the assurance to know that these have been thoroughly vetted and verified by an independent organization. Choose Haury’s for your next repair and gain peace-of-mind that your vehicle will retain as much of its original safety and value as possible.