April 21, 2019

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The Environmental Choice

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Our Pledge:

At Haury’s Lake City Collision, we understand our place in the environment. We work hard to be a leader in environmentally-sustainable business in the Puget Sound region. We understand that it’s not just important for our customers to have a auto body and collision repair facility that cares about its impact, but also for our employees, friends and partners. That’s why we are implementing a new and wide-ranging plan that assesses each and every aspect of our business, from front to back. We are continuously looking at ways to reduce the amount of parts and supplies used, to lower our energy consumption, and to handle the waste we do get — like car parts and electronics — in the cleanest way possible. We challenge all our fellow suppliers, partners and customers to do the same! Through working together, we can help heal our region and our planet.

Green Car Repair

Our Steps:

  • We are the first collision repair facility in the Seattle area to be recognized as a Carbon Balanced Business! We have partnered with TerraPass, an independent carbon reduction and offset intermediary. Through our partnership, we fund clean energy initiatives, forest reclamations, and other projects aimed at reducing future carbon emissions. For every ton of CO2 produced through daily operations at Haury’s Lake City Collision, a ton of CO2 is eliminated from other sources through this program! See our partner page at TerraPass for more information about this exciting new project.
  • Every year, we create an ambitious Sustainability Action Plan. This plan helps guide us throughout the year through the different projects we can undertake that will reduce our impact on the environment. It not only includes periodic reviews of things like recycling and energy consumption, but also consists of substantial recommendations like infrastructure investments or business plan changes.
  • We produce and use a frequently-updated list of recycled office materials and supplies for our administrative operations. All paper-based materials we purchase must be recycled with a strong preference for post-consumer recycled content. We make a concerted effort to also purchase other recycled materials when necessary, such as recycled pens and other office supplies. We also recycle much of what goes out of our facility, such as cardboard parts boxes, damaged car bumpers, information technology (IT) equipment, hazardous materials and much more.
  • We comply with the EPA’s 6H rules and regulations mandated by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. The 6H rules are a relatively new undertaking by the EPA to regulate auto body refinishing procedures, which can be dangerous for the air. Refinish chemicals and materials can emit HAPs (hazardous air pollutants) into the atmosphere if they are not monitored carefully. Haury’s has complied with the measures behind the 6H rules since well before they were introduced, and periodically reviews its impact with the Puget Sound Clear Air Agency to ensure optimum compliance.
  • We have taken steps to provide a positive example for other businesses in Western Washington. Whether its in our advocacy to suppliers and fellow service providers, to being firm in our commitment and successes with our Sustainability Action Plans, we work hard to spread the word about environmental best practices to other automotive businesses.

For more information about our environmental initiatives, contact us.