November 28, 2020

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How Can I Check If My Car Was Correctly Repaired?

paint mismatch

Was My Car Correctly Repaired?

Imagine: You were in an accident with your car. You drove, or let your car get towed to a body shop. The body shop looked at your car, and then they repaired it. The body shop calls you up and tells you your car is ready to be picked up. You go to the body shop, where your service adviser goes over the repairs with you, and let you check out the repairs. You notice that the dent in the side panel is gone. The headlight that was broken looks brand new again. The bumper that had fallen off was replaced. Your car looks all shiny in the bright sun, and seems ready to get back on the road. But is it?

Let’s face it. Not everyone knows everything there is to know about cars. So not everybody can tell if their car is properly repaired. With taking just a quick glance at the car you might not notice the signs that the repairs on your car might have happened the way they should have.

Notice Bad Repairs Yourself

Take a look at the clip below from Galileo Law to get some pointers on how you might be able to see yourself that your car wasn’t repaired properly.

The clip mentions a couple of things you can notice for yourself to see if your car is properly repaired. Ask yourself the following questions:

– Do the panels (hood, fenders, doors) line up?
– Are there no big gaps in between panels?
– Are the gaps between panels symmetrical, and the same length?
– Do the bumpers, and the grill fir correctly?
– Does the color of the paint of the repaired parts match the color of the rest of the car?

Next to these things, we recommend to check the following too:

– Do the doors, trunk, and hood open and close smoothly
– Do all electric accessories work?
– Are there no warning lights burning on your dashboard?
– Are all the lights working?
– Is the car making weird noises, when you first start it?
– Does the handling feel weird during the first drive out of the garage?
– Is the car making any strange noises during the first drive out of the garage?
– Are  there any strange vibrations during driving?
– Are the breaks working correctly?
– Does the car drive straight? (Is the car aligned correctly?)

If any of these things look or feel off, we advise you have your vehicle inspected more closely by a third party, to see how the repairs are done.
At Haury’s we come across too many cars that aren’t properly repaired the first time. We often see mismatches in color and gaps between panels. And if you already notice the bad repairs from the outside, imagine how the repairs under the hood (or other panels) were done.

Post-Repair Inspection

If you are unsure about the repairs done by your body shop, Haury’s can take a look at your car to see if it is properly repaired according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If it isn’t, you might be driving a death trap. Our Post-Repair Inspections will find anything that isn’t properly repaired.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you, and your car back on the road safely.

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