November 28, 2020

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Diminished Value Calculation

Diminished Value Calculation Screen Cap

Online Calculators vs Local Experts

An online Diminished Value calculator can give you a quick, rough estimate of how much the value of your vehicle has gone down. This could be handy to know. But if you really want to know the lost value of your car, hiring a local expert is better. A local expert will actually see your car in person. Because of that, the Diminished Value can be determined more precise. A local expert can also testify for you in court, if insurance companies don’t want to pay out what you have right to.


Haury’s provides Diminished Value appraisals. Our experts have years of experience in determining the lost amount of value for your vehicle, and in being an expert witness in court.


Curious what Haury’s Lake City Collision can do for you? Go to our Diminished Value page, or contact us.

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