Why should you choose Haury’s for your collision repair?

Haury’s is the first and only repair facility in the Pacific Northwest to have earned the prestigious VQ Medallion Status from VeriFacts, an independent collision repair coaching and rating organization. VQ Medallion is the highest possible quality rating.

From the VeriFacts website:

The most important part of any collision repair is the one the vehicle owner will never see. A proper and safe repair requires that the vehicle be restored precisely to the manufacturer’s specifications, with the methods the manufacturer requires. VeriFacts Verified Quality (VQ) confirms that a repair facility has all the resources to achieve a safe and proper repair.

  • On-Site confirmation of essential information, resources, tools and technology
  • On-site observation of technician repair skills, methodologies and overall quality processes
  • Continuing, unannounced audits and individualized reporting

The VQ Program provides independent, third-party verification of repair quality using VeriFacts patented technology for unbiased, consistent measurement and reporting. The VeriFacts Quality Verifier independently observes and documents that repair resources are in place and confirms adherence to OEM repair recommendations, I-CAR procedures, equipment usage guidelines, industry best practices, etc.”

  • Haury’s is committed to the highest-quality repair possible, no matter what make or model of vehicle.
  • We utilize repair procedures and requirements direct from the vehicle’s manufacturer, providing for a repair in-line with factory specifications.
  • Haury’s subscribes to the ALLDATA repair information network as well as other services, updated regularly with the latest manufacturer-required procedures. This is critical in modern collision repair, as out-of-date information can mean a huge difference in quality.
  • Haury’s is routinely rated highly among shops in Washington by Verifacts, an independent collision repair auditing organization. Verifacts assesses the quality and precision of repairs performed by member shops, and regularly gives Haury’s some of the best ratings possible.
  • Check out our testimonials page for more examples of quality repairs performed by Haury’s.

  • Haury’s uses the Celette frame measuring system, which uses fixture sets dedicated to each chassis type and version. The Celette system provides the most accurate structural repairs possible, allowing Haury’s to fully restore your vehicle’s structure to the manufacturer’s specifications without causing other damage. Conventional frame systems can’t hold a candle to Celette.
  • We use the SHARK sonic measuring system, which allows for simultaneous measuring of twelve points on a vehicle while repairs are in progress. This system measures points on the vehicle in millimeters from the factory specifications.

  • Haury’s offers collision repair services to make your car like new.
  • We also have a full service department for all makes and models with mechanics on-site.
  • Haury’s has a fleet of loaner vehicles that appeal to enthusiasts and European vehicle owners alike. Choose from a range of options, from E36 BMWs and a fleet of MINIs to a 2011 BMW M3.
  • On-site Collision consulting services to help navigate insurance claims, dispute low offers and appraise diminished value and total losses.

  • Haury’s is a BMW and MINI approved collision repair facility, as well as a certified Nissan GTR repair facility.
  • Haury’s has been nominated as a finalist in the VeriFacts Shop of the Year program three times. Also, senior technician Peng Tan has been nominated as a finalist in the March Taylor Technician of the Year Award three times as well. VeriFacts has 5,000 technicians in their database and each year the coaches nominate approximately 300 technicians to compete in this contest. Out of the 300 nominations, 20 finalists are chosen and then one selected as Technician of the Year.
  • Haury’s has technicians trained by BMW, MINI and Nissan, and work with state-of-the-art collision repair techniques.
  • Haury’s is a member of the I-CAR Gold Class and is I-CAR welding certified.
  • Haury’s uses Celette, the only collision repair system approved by Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Porsche, Volvo, and Volkswagen.
  • Haury’s uses Glasurit, a water-borne and environmentally-friendly refinishing system by BASF. Glasurit is approved for use on Audi, BMW, Ferrari, MINI, Mercedes, Porsche and other high-quality brands.
  • Haury’s is an active participant and supporter of the BMW Car Club of America – Puget Sound Region.
  • Haury’s provides annual clinics for members of the BMW Car Club of America, Puget Sound MINI Club, Porsche Club of America Northwest Region, and the Ferrari Club of America’s Northwest Region, to better educate the enthusiast community on the latest manufacturer-approved repair techniques and methods of dealing with insurance claims.

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