July 19, 2018

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We are looking for you

To keep continuing providing the best service possible, we are looking for empowered, and quality individuals to join our team. If you are interested to work for us, you must be committed to excellence, and maintaining a gold standard of courtesy and trust in all work performed. We are looking for ‘team players,’ people who can help us further reaching, and surpassing our goals, so we can grow together. If you are an individual with solid performance, a good work ethic, and a genuine care for helping others, you might be a good fit to our team!

Currently we are looking to fulfill these position(s):


Lot Attendant

Lot Attendant Duties Include:

– Plan and move cars efficiently

– Drive vehicles to and from sublets

– Assist in detail department

– Keep up cleanliness and maintenance of the entire shop

Minimum qualifications:

– Ability to drive a stick-shift vehicle

– Excellent driving record

– Ability to drive in narrow passageways

– Ability to park in close quarters

– Interest/knowledge/passion for the automotive industry

– Ability to learn new things quickly

– Ability to take directions

– Ability to detect and implement new ideas to increase efficiency

– Good work ethic

– Reliable transportation

To apply please submit BOTH your resume and cover letter to info@hauryscollision.com

If you are interested in joining our team, but have other talents than the open position(s) require, feel free to email your resume together with a cover letter, expressing your interest in working for Haury’s Lake City Collision. Don’t forget to mention the position for which you think you would be a great fit for.

Outstanding customer service, exceptional craftsmanship

Haury’s Lake City Collision is a factory certified full service auto repair shop, located in the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle. We provide high quality auto body and collision repair, painting, and service to all makes, and models. We are specialized in high performance cars. Our focus is on providing outstanding customer service, and exceptional craftsmanship. We are passionate about cars.

It is our personal mission to provide an excellent service experience that lasts from the moment a customer contact us, until the customer is safely back on the road again. To achieve that mission we provide exceptional workmanship that lasts, because of our dependable, and authentic product.

Paint prep

You make an impact

Haury’s is dedicated to help our employees to get the best out of themselves. Every member of our team has the opportunity to grow their talents, or even discover new talents. This might be done though training, mentoring, innovative products and methods, or in any other way that would be productive.


We think it is important to make our employees feel like they belong, that they are part of our team. That is why we are always open to new ideas to improve the work environment, have regular team meetings, have our own fantasy football league, and organize regular company outings.

At work in the Haury's paint booth

Make a difference

As a market leader with auto body and collision repair, painting, and service, Haury’s wants to initiate change. We work to change public conceptions of the collision-repair process and bring honest, forthright and genuine leadership to our industry. Our environmental pledge is way we are trying to make the world a better place. We strive to lead the auto body shop market by example.